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STOMPFEST prepares to launch OFFICIAL PRESS CONFERNCE August 22, 2019!

The STOMPFEST team will reveal the OFFICIAL STOMPFEST WEEKEND line-up for 2019 on August 22, 2019 at Corinne Jones Resource Center!


Just one day before the official launch of STOMPFEST 19 "Early Bird" Tickets, the team will announce the star-studded line-up for the 2019 STOMPFEST WEEKEND!

Who will host STOMPFEST?

What DJ will entertain the over 5,000 audience members?

What NATIONAL CELEBRITY will headline the event?

What will the weekend entail?

Join us for our official Press Conference to find out!

All Media Outlets, Press Reps, and Social Influencers are invited

  • What: The Official STOMPFEST Press Conference

  • Where: Sanders Beach- Corinne Jones Resource Center (Pensacola, Fl.)

  • When: August 22, 2019 at 5PM

  • More Info: Contact Angel Bradley,

Follow Us Online

@STOMPFEST850 (Instagram, Facebook)

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