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Contest Rules


     Registration – Due by Friday, August  3, 2018  

     There is no fee to enter

     Each team must have an advisor/representative 

     Each team may have a maximum of 12 members on stage 

     Members of the team must be a member of your sorority/fraternity or be            an official member of your leadership development program.

     Must have a representative available for technical walk through during              the walk-through time.

     Each team has a maximum of 10 minutes on stage 

     Time will begin as soon as the first action is taken on stage (i.e. First                    stomp, clap, or dialogue).

     No profanity or derogatory terms should be used, either on stage, video            or in the music.

     No defamation of character of other groups is to be tolerated. This                      includes defamation on the basis of gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual                preference/lifestyle, economic status, etc. 

    Teams must arrive on time for dress rehearsal. Teams must arrive at -                  Brownsville Community Center with everything they need for the show              (costumes, props, etc.), because no one will be allowed to exit and re-                enter the building, except in extreme emergency cases, which must be              discussed with one of the coordinators prior to exit. Team Check in will              be from 10:30am – 12:30pm and wrist bands will be issued to Coaches. 

    A schedule will be provided at a later date prior to event informing of                 time-  slots for walk-throughs. Walk-throughs will be done in order of                   proximity of Pensacola to accommodate out of town teams. 


     The deduction concerning time: 
-       The scoring rubric will have a spot for time. If a person goes over time,               they will simply lose 3 points.
-       5 Points will be deducted for any profanity used 

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